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2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise

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2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise
2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise

Dongguan Zhongkang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held a 2019 summer fire drill! This exercise increased the smoke bombs compared to last year, making the exercises more realistic. All the evacuated employees were taken seriously and orderly, and evacuation was completed in only two minutes.

At the gathering site, Colman delivered a speech with a strong heart. The fire drill was to enhance people's safety and fire prevention activities, so that everyone could further understand the process of mastering the fire and improve the coordination and coordination ability in dealing with emergencies. Clarify the importance of fire drills to the employees themselves, enhance their mutual rescue and self-rescue awareness in the fire, and clarify the duties of fire prevention personnel and volunteer firefighters in the fire, fully reflecting the company's humanistic care, at the exercise site. It also carried out practical exercises for the use of fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting exercises. It is believed to be a far-reaching activity for employees. In the future life and work, safety will be put in the first place, and safety awareness will be fully improved to ensure The safety of yourself and the people around you!


Fire fighting procedure

1. The fire part is blown by the security department to carry out the probe alarm. The Lingding smoke bomb emits smoke. After the central control personnel receives the alarm, the central office customer relations officer and the engineering department personnel are notified to carry the walkie-talkie, flashlight, fire telephone, fire emergency box, Fire extinguishers, etc. run to the alarm point. After confirming the fire, immediately use the walkie-talkie to inform the fire control room and carry out the initial fire.

2. After receiving the fire confirmation alarm, the fire control center check-in personnel will immediately notify the general station according to the alarm procedure. The general station will inform the departments and leaders to organize the rescue work according to the notification procedure.

Third, the fire extinguishing program

1. Security Department: Check-in personnel, use the walkie-talkie to notify the guards on duty, and report to the security manager. The on-duty personnel used the walkie-talkie to inform the officers of the post to prepare for evacuation and enter the alert state. Volunteer firefighters immediately rushed to the scene of the fire from the fire exit, immediately connected the water belt, and after strong non-fire power supply, immediately use the fire hydrant water to save.

2. Engineering Department: When the duty officer receives the alarm, immediately notify the pump house, power distribution room, and direct combustion engine room, and the relevant personnel are on standby, and the on-site engineering personnel cut off the power in the fire area.

IV. Evacuation procedures

Evacuation is a very difficult job, so it must be carried out in a calm, calm and orderly manner. All employees guide their guests in their own work areas, and calmly and safely evacuate from the fire safety entrance to the safe area outside the apartment. After the control, the top person in charge of the site ordered the “119” alarm, and all the staff members entered the emergency evacuation state. A member of the security department went outside the apartment to meet the fire truck of the public security fire brigade. The security guards opened the evacuation exits and implemented them according to the evacuation plan.


2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise2019 Zhongkang Technology Fire Fighting Exercise

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